Here’s Why Makeup Shouldn’t Determine If You’re Pretty

Hello Again! 👋🏾🎉👋🏾🎉 I’m excited to share about my adventure in make up!!!! Can I say I LOVE makeup!! Well I do! I’m obsessed!! I splurge on makeup and beauty products a lot more than I should but it’s my favorite! Did I mention I LOVE makeup? I most certainly do! 9 years ago IContinue reading “Here’s Why Makeup Shouldn’t Determine If You’re Pretty”

3 Ways I Failed as a Blogger

Heyyyy!!! 👋🏾Welcome to my newly re-launched site!! So much has changed and I have to share!! Mainly three failures that I focused on to turn into strengths. It’s amazing how an L can be turned into a WIN! Why do I say failures? Well I discovered things that were always there, just had to learnContinue reading “3 Ways I Failed as a Blogger”


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