Here’s Why Makeup Shouldn’t Determine If You’re Pretty

Hello Again! 👋🏾🎉👋🏾🎉

I’m excited to share about my adventure in make up!!!! Can I say I LOVE makeup!! Well I do! I’m obsessed!! I splurge on makeup and beauty products a lot more than I should but it’s my favorite! Did I mention I LOVE makeup? I most certainly do!

9 years ago I learned about makeup through YouTube and magazines. I learned no skills or proper application techniques but I got the makeup on my face somehow and it was cute back then 😆! Also during that time I was much smaller than I am now as I was 143lbs and in my twenties! I was thin and unhealthy on so many levels! The biggest problem was my insecurities and trying to hide them through how I presented myself to the world. As time went on I gained a ton of weight from being hormonally imbalanced and majorly insecure at this point. I was also in several relationships that discouraged me from ever trying to gain any confidence that I was still beautiful with my weight gain. The scale 3 years ago was at 265lbs. I am now 228lbs thanks to my friendship upgrade gone sisterhood! My circle of sisters/besties (they are both) are basically women that will encourage the mess out of you! No cap! Also they know the real me which I needed to be reminded of from season to season!! They each would gently point out things I love which is what started this blog! They ask questions like, “Renetta have you been thinking of getting back into makeup?” Which usually got me thinking. Maybe it’s time to just get into a class and learn about make up!

So recently I took a makeup class with at first Lexitelevision (she is crazy funny🤣 look her up) on a zoom which taught the toddler basics of makeup! Believe me I needed it! I enjoyed every minute of it too! The entire zoom was EXTREMELY informative and you just need to sign up for it! Oh and bring a notebook because you will be writing! No worries it’s not a lecture she is applying makeup and as she is talking you have to write out the steps! My memory is good but not that great! So 📝 ! By the way she started a makeup company called GEAT Cosmetics and she has the best of the best products! She does not half step at all! Go order some products here: Thank you Lexi and GEAT!

A month later I took another makeup class with an MUA named Noelle! She has a bootcamp called About Face!!!! When I say it’s extremely inclusive of every participant and engaging because she wants you to really walk away with the skill set necessary for makeup application. Now I skipped her basic and took her advance class which I am glad I did! She made sure everyone followed along together before moving on to the next step which was a HUGE plus! Now the steps are stuck in my head like a song! During the zoom with her she made a few mistakes and shared how to correct them. One example was when she applied her mascara she got a little on her nose. She warned us to let it dry and then once dried flick it off so that the mascara does nor smear! It was a great boot camp and I plan to take a specialized class soon! For now though, I practice weekly to get better and I have to say you should sign up for her classes ranging from basic to specialized! Sign up here: Thank you Noelle!

Now makeup isn’t for everyone and that’s ok! However if you just want to enhance your look sign up at the links above! Makeup is fun and very addictive I might add! This blog by the way is not sponsored by either companies 😉! I just was blessed immensely by both companies after years of just being too insecure to give make up a try. I pushed past those insecurities and just signed up and I’m forever thankful I did it! Can’t help but to share!

It’s important to understand what makeup is NOT! Many are under the impression that if your “ugly” or not “pretty” enough make up will fix you. But that’s far from the truth! Makeup is not a mask to hide behind! It’s designed to magnify or enhance the beauty that already exist! You’re beautiful and you don’t have to hide behind the tool (makeup) designed to highlight the beauty that already exist!

The last thing makeup is not is a list of rules! Now I can say from experience, it can become overwhelming. Mainly just knowing where to begin in the process and figuring out what products work for your skin and skin tone. The list could go on but it shouldn’t stop you from trying! If you decided to learn how to apply make up let the creativity flow! Whether it looks amazing or ok you’re learning! Make up is art, with practice you become more skilled! Have fun and try and replicate a look from online or from a magazine! Try every look you can find including a halo look, a cut crease look, a winged eye liner look, or my favorite GLITTER!!! Have fun! Your confidence will soar as you grow more comfortable in your own beauty! One more thing…don’t go by the most expensive products on the market just by great quality and shop with GEAT!

Share below your experiences with makeup! I want to hear all about it! ♥️

3 Ways I Failed as a Blogger

Heyyyy!!! 👋🏾Welcome to my newly re-launched site!!

So much has changed and I have to share!! Mainly three failures that I focused on to turn into strengths. It’s amazing how an L can be turned into a WIN!

Why do I say failures? Well I discovered things that were always there, just had to learn to embrace them!

The first reason I failed was because I was consumed more with how others viewed me. In the last 8 years I had lost all interest in how I presented myself. I learned the root of it was because I grew far too comfortable with being overlooked. I mean no one was paying attention anyhow so why try? I had to change that because deep down or even when I’m alone I’m always focused on my main interest which is styling!

Anyone that knows me well, knows I absolutely love to dress people up or suggest better options based on their personal preference or personality. I’m obsessed with trends and even have events I one day would love to attend from years ago! Even while scrolling through social media I get visuals of outfit ideas or accessories I would love to see some people try on themselves. I’m always piecing together something with no effort! I have countless screenshots of pieces I rotate for different people with different body types because I cannot help myself!

The second reason I failed was I did not have a clear vision of what exactly I wanted as an individual. Recently, someone I look up to told me if I see myself a certain way that’s the way others will treat you. Her words became reality once I started evaluating who I showed up as in life. I learned rather quickly that I needed to heal from some old wounds and I don’t regret any minute of it. This decision affected trajectory of how my life has been now! Healing isn’t just a seasonal thing! It’s an ongoing thing and I’m most thankful that I chose healing. Had I not, the person who gave me some words of advice would not been respected. Why? I would have taken their words as an attack because of the the lense of which I viewed life was a very fragmented and opaque. I discovered as I heal my vision became more clear! Who I’ve always been resurfaced and I got more confident in who I already was.

I even looked up and noticed my friends changed for the better! The friends and Godsister I have are all my best friends every last one! Healing brought the right people to surround me who encourage, love, and most of all push me to be who I’ve always been instead of who I became through comparing myself to others. Thank you ladies!♥️

The final reason I failed was because of COMPARISON! I compared myself to so many people that I gave up on myself. I didn’t realize it until I was told by someone I respect and love that I had to change how I think about myself. The struggle was the body I was in. Who knew what I was telling myself had me in this constant cycle of comparing myself to others by not seeing my own beauty. Just like my vision I had to fix my mindset. This same person also would gently push me to just love on myself and change how I presented myself! The biggest challenge was actually dressing myself up and loving on the woman I am one day at a time.

Today I am now 20 pounds lighter and loving myself along the way of this Journey to 175lbs! I’m not a failure rather I’m an overcomer! I acknowledge my shortcomings and made the necessary adjustments to embrace who I’ve always been! A HUGE plus is my blog underwent a new look as well! I’m excited! Let me know what you think of my site!

A few things I remind myself of daily! Im not quitting on myself! I am beautiful! I am worthy! Im am not my mess…

What challenges are you facing? How can I help you to overcome?


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