What I Learned About Myself Doing This…

Its been quite some time! I'm back though and things have changed in a major way. To start, I've had some time to really focus on my entire world and do things differently. One way was working on my mental health. Allowing myself to have a full reset by withdrawing and getting the help I... Continue Reading →

Until Next Year…PFW 2021

Hello Loves! On to a new week and I’m ready! Paris Fashion Week has officially ended 🥲! It’s ok though because so much has happened since my last blog. If you haven’t read it yet go ahead now! Miu Miu….I’m gonna let that sink in. Can you say mini skirts? The kind that were worn... Continue Reading →

The Show Must Go On…PFW

Happy Sunday!!! Hope your Sunday is going well! We are still in the middle of Paris Fashion Week and only two more days left! Yesterday Balenciaga showcased a beautiful collection. Can I just say Balenciaga is my cup of tea!!! This collection had a combination of oversized, layered and just phenomenal! The models were all... Continue Reading →

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