The Show Must Go On…PFW

Happy Sunday!!!

Hope your Sunday is going well! We are still in the middle of Paris Fashion Week and only two more days left! Yesterday Balenciaga showcased a beautiful collection. Can I just say Balenciaga is my cup of tea!!! This collection had a combination of oversized, layered and just phenomenal! The models were all so different which stood out to me because everyone had their own unique look from grey haired to pregnant. Yes PREGNANT!!

Four days ago Balmain showcased and when I tell you every minute was worth it. The inclusivity was top tier and not one body type was excluded! Olivier Rousteing you did not disappoint! Love your humble spirit!

Balmain made me want to break the bank badly! Olivier really made it hard to name one specific thing I wanted but I need it all! The gold link chains that gave an extra pop to several pieces caught my eye the entire show.

Gemna Gvasalia did an impeccable job creating a collection that was gender neutral. I honestly loved it because every individual had on something I would wear!

How do you feel about PFW? Good or bad I want to hear about it! Let me know down below!

3 responses to “The Show Must Go On…PFW”

  1. Love this! Your writing makes me want to go and check it out. I haven’t watched but I am interested.

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    1. Thanks!!! Watch when you can any clip from PFW! It’s fun watching next spring/summer’s releases! Love you Bestie!😘😘

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      1. Will definitely check it out. Thank you so much for sharing. 🤗 And love you too bestie. 😘

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