It’s More than a Dream: Paris Fashion Week

Helloooo!! Happy Wednesday!

The last three weeks have been my literal favorites! Why? Two words…FASHION WEEK! Many do not know this about me but I’M OBSESSED! Plus The Devil Wears Prada is quoted and watched continuously! And I may or may not have my own show for no one to view! 😂😂

I adore seeing the various designers creative collections for each new season. I might not own any of the things but that doesn’t stop my heart’s adoration for the work put into the collections. My absolute favorite designers are Valentino and Loewe! They are the first two I check for fashion week just so I don’t miss any of their created pieces.

I dream of attending Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week! Since I was about 16 I always envisioned myself present as the show is launching. One day I will be present at one of the two! Just wait! 💕

I’ve been faithfully waiting for any lives to air and pictures to be posted just to see what new and creative ideas are viewable for the world to see. This week is Paris Fashion Week so of course yesterday I watched the live airing of the Dior showing which by the way, was STUNNING! Maria Grazia Chiuri, who was named creative director for Dior and also the first woman since the birth of the brand in 1946. The entire show had a 1960’s feel and the bold colors used on the floor POPPED while drawing your eyes to each piece worn by the models. Chiuri did her thing on this show!

Yves Saint Laurent is back this year after holding off last year after the start of the pandemic. Anthony Vaccarello, creative director, displayed his showing under the glittering Eiffel Tower and it was….GORGEOUS! Just GORGEOUS! Vaccarello’s pieces were funky yet glamorous! Creative, if you ask me…just saying! Many of his pieces I would actually wear!

Today I will see what shows I can view throughout the day! What are you looking forward to from PFW? Who are your favorite designers? Let me know below!

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