About Me🥰

Heyyyy! I’m Renetta, better known as Nella!

I’m a blogger who loves all things PINK!! Its a problem!

I’m originally from Mississippi but grew up between Mississippi and Louisiana as an only girl (Mom’s side) of two brothers! Love you boys!😘

One thing to know about me I love my sisters! I have an older sister Sharline (Sissy) you are truly missed Sis!!! I also have my entire heart beat my one and only little sister, Rachel. She’s my world, I love this girl!😘

I have my three best friends who are also my Life Sisters they are Sandrine, Shandra (Restinhope.life), and Racquel! Can’t imagine life without them each!

I have a new found love for makeup! I’m learning and loving it! My favorite hobby these days…There’s a blog post for that here!

I love and adore all things styling and just making things cute! Be it hair, clothing, or a small spaces! I just love things to feel and look beautiful.

If you want to learn more about me, subscribe to my Youtube channel or just follow my blog to keep up with me!

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