Until Next Year…PFW 2021

Hello Loves! On to a new week and I’m ready!

Paris Fashion Week has officially ended 🥲! It’s ok though because so much has happened since my last blog. If you haven’t read it yet go ahead now!

Miu Miu….I’m gonna let that sink in. Can you say mini skirts? The kind that were worn back in the day with the pleats or had the big belt buckles attached. Those showed up in this show. Not the pleats but def pants and suit jacket material. All of the material had an unfinished, unhemmed look which I adored because it was the pop for each piece. Most used a pop of color but Miu Miu used a pop with the unfinished edges. One other thing Miu Miu collaborated with New Balance and I couldn’t be more in love! Miuccia Prada did an excellent job with this entire show from mini and long skirts. Oversized and cropped jackets (suit and regular). No complaints on any of this show because it all tied together uniquely and was worth my while.

Valentino is my all time favorite brand since a teen. Pierpaolo Piccioli had such an eye to just make things not just pretty but beautiful! The entire show had so many pieces where I couldn’t help but be in awe! The theme was Rendez-Vous and my favorite piece was this yellow draw string dress paired with combat boots, a purple stud bag with a short and long straps. I’m obsessed with that yellow dress because anyone who knows me, knows I love a short dress. There was also a purple maxi dress with a deep v-neckline… I want it! Ohhh!! There was a green deep v-neck dress that had the off shoulder straps….I’ll take one in every color possible PLEASE! The v-neck on this dress definitely was a play on Valentino’s “V” and it’s perfect!

Although the Paris Fashion Week is over, I’m excited to see pieces pop up at other events from the entire PFW event! I’m always watching just to see how things are paired by individuals who buy from the show. Not a lot of people know this about me but if you know me well…not hard to notice. 😂

I don’t normally watch celebrities for their looks unless they do something that stands out like wear something no one else would dare to rock! I’m all about dressing to what fits your personality and style! Lizzie, Cardi B, Naomi Campbell, Gemma Chan, and Emma Chamberlain all stood out to me simply because they wear what many would not dare try. Even if it looks crazy none of them look like the others in attendance.

Tell me if you watched PFW and what was your favorite!

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